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The 3 Paths of Harmony

Welcome tocreative relaxation in Pouzols-Minervoisor in          



ATPouzols-Minervoisin the Aude, between Narbonne and Carcassonne and near Lézignan-Corbières,you will meet Fabienne Sicard there,artist and therapistWhocreated for you, personalized therapeutic paths, accessible from the age of 11, because Relaxôm is the antithesis of hectic life. It isa temple of restwhere we receive sound rituals liketibetan bowls, care of the Being by theart therapyin harmonywith

the body and the soultook.

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Holistic Coaching

"The Path of Creative Relaxation"

Trip 1h30


Cohow to relax and develophis creative skills?

There are so many stressors in life that it seems impossible to be at peace.

Fabienne offers you a light trail, made up ofguided visualizations, singing Tibetan bowls, breathing, self-listening to learn how to heal the blues of the soul and live peacefully. The caterpillar becomes a butterfly when it accepts who it is, and begins to create what it is.

art therapy, creation pictural by different media such as watercolour, drawing, poems or  by music allow you to grow your butterfly wings in wisdom.

You can learn to be yourself

and it works!

relaxation créative Aude France DOM TOM


"The Path of Affirmation"


1 hour trip



How dare to be who you are and accomplish who you want to become?

The more you mature, the more It's hard not to be true to you and  not to take your place!

Fabienne coaches youin a reflective contribution with structured tools,holistic care(antique Tibetan bowls and careenergyin the office or in video) and projective images that will restore you in every way.My goal is toassert yourself, validate your true selfand D'activate your resources  at the personal or professional levelIpour  validate your fingerprint.

Takeyour life in hand  with discernment!

À Propos
Cabinet Relaxôm - séance de sonothérapie
Le pouvoir des bols tibétains du Dharma - Relaxôm
Sonothérapie bols thérapeutiques et antiques
CréaZen Collage Relaxôm
Le pouvoir des couleurs
Bain sonore : bol tibétain Relaxôm
Massage aux bols tibétains
Relaxation créative
La gestion des émotions, la confiance et l'estime de soi - Relaxôm
La photographie Relaxôm

They trusted me


Melanie B.

Session with Fabienne withremote tibetan bowl: I was very bad, emotionally saturated, I couldn't think anymore, I had a fever for 10 days.
I am a very rational person and I did not really believe in remote intervention
The next day, I was tired but I felt soothed .... and above all the fever stopped
I recommend +++


Laura C

The sessions that I followed with Fabienne allowed me to relax and refocus on myself. I loved the sounds of the koshis andtibetan bowlsand it has been a truly rejuvenating experience. My sleep was much more restorative and I observed a deep body relaxation following his sessions.


Natasha M.

A very playful moment at first, which introduced me to the vibration of thetibetan bowlthe ins and outs. Thank you, bright kisses.



Fabienne Sicard is an art therapist and relaxologist,  certified by the Cassiopée Institute and Neolys. She is there so that you can create your magical bubble, to accompany you towards appeasement and to help you reveal your true being. The well-being and development of its beneficiaries have been its priority for 15 years. It guarantees you personalized support to meet your specific needs.

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11 Ter rue de la République 11120 Pouzols-Minervois

Such :07 67 87 33 30


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