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Holistic Coaching"THEglobal coaching to actin harmony with oneself

What is holistic or integrative coaching?

holistic coachingconsists in taking into account all the facets of an individual:

  • psychological,

  • physical,

  • emotional,

  • spiritual.

In these periodscoaching, we take the time to analyze the problem andt how it impacts different aspects of the person's life. Is it about career or personal life? Almost always both are affected in some way. Even though our roles may cause us to behave differently in different circumstances, we are still the same person.onne because everything is linked.

What are the topics covered?


Holistic coaching focuses primarily on the whole being. The holistic coach intervenes in different areas, including specializations such asvscareer and transition onsultingera, image consulting, positive psychology, relational coaching, energy care, psycho-corporal adviceespecially for intense stress etc.

Here are some examples of questions the holistic coach might encounter:

  • - affirm his personality,

  • - regain self-confidence and self-esteem,

  • - overcome anxiety and fatigue,

  • - overcome fears and limiting beliefs,

  • - heal wounds and traumas,

  • - overcome addictions (emotional, tobacco, food, shopping, work, etc.),

  • - face the challenges of life

  • - remove limiting beliefs,

  • - learn to better manage their emotions,

  • - better manage stress,

  • - find your life mission,

  • - create a job and become financially independent,

  • - develop new professional and personal projects.

  • - reconcile with your body and learn to value yourselfr

“We see the world, not as it is, but as we are”

Stephen Covey

The idea is to achieve real behavioral change based on latent wishes that only need to be put into perspective through holistic tools :

JI workwith different tools that I propose to you:

  • - art therapy,

  • - photolanguage,

  • - personality test,

  • - analysis grids,

  • - mixed interviews

  • - guided visualization,

  • - cardiac coherence,

  • - transgenerational,

  • - sound bath of Tibetan bowls,

  • - magnetism

I am your guide and your coach to help you achieve your full potential.

Lasting 1 or 2 hours (book a session twice in a row), Holistic Coaching is a support process based on listening, a reflective phase, structured solutions, curativeand projective, holistic care, a completely personalized action plan, to help you clarify your resources, common solutions, on a personal, professional or family level.

For a first session in Visio, you can book 1 hour on the reservation page  You can also see on the particular tab of the site, how a remote session takes place.

For the following sessions, you can validate 1h or 2h by reserving two time slots in a row, and paying twice for a session to validate your next session. The number of sessions are not limited, but a package can be applied (to see together) depending on the number of estimated sessions.


Looking forward to working with you towards your achievement :)

Coaching de vie
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