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Nina Pacôme2

Artist Nina Pacôme

Artist-painter mix-media



Occitanie, FR 11120

My journey

My approach is singular and my Arts plural.
I paint with the algorithm, fractals that I induce by different settings by adding randomness and the game of chance, to glimpse, as my visuals progress, my imaginary world unveiled. My approach  was born from the love of the arts in which I was immersed as a child. I wanted to become an interior decorator which had the effect of giving birth artistically when I was finally able to access the Boulle school by exhibiting in various places. More precisely, it is the path of multimedia that I studied in 2004, and that I took thanks to the fractals discovered by the polytechnician Mandelbrot, where he uses the term self-similar to talk about this strange name yet so familiar in our environment. Indeed, fractals are geometric recurrences and a so-called fractal figure contains within it, by zooming, the whole of the starting figure. Nature is often built  from this iterative and reproducible geometry by algorithms. It is this so-called "sacred" geometry when speaking of the construction of the universe that I wanted to investigate, understand in order to better reinterpret and give it shape through my beliefs and my imagination where mathematics, spirituality and the arts and living beings are all related.


May 2019

October 19, 20, 21, 2018

March 2018

Exhibition of 3 canvases at the Printemps des Artistes at the Galerie Blanche in Giverny

Exhibition of three dibond paintings at Art Shopping at the Caroussel du Louvre in Paris

Giant screen exhibition at the  Stricoff Gallery in New York during Artweeks

June 14 to 18, 2017

April 2017

January 2017

Giant screen exhibition in Basel for Basel Art Weeks

Exhibition of 3 paintings for the theme Digital'Art, within the International Art Gallery at the Village Suisse in Paris

Exhibition of the painting in dibond "Forest of enchanted forest" at the XVIIIth international Exhibition at the Gallery ESART in Barcelona

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