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creative well-being for a better quality of professional life


Quality of life at work or QVT is a recent approach. It stems from an awareness: the need to take into account staff well-beingcompanies in their daily work. This concern aims to minimize the cases of professional exhaustion, absenteeism, conflicts. But also of the stress caused by the conditions within the framework of the company and these harmful consequences on the productivity and the organization of the company.

QVT is an in-depth modification of employer/employee relations for the benefit of both parties.

The Relaxôm firm works alongside employers and employees who wish to set up flexible QWL and sustainable well-being solutions within the company. For this, contact the firm so that you can let me know your wishes so that I can establish a tailor-made service. 

The benefits of QVT by Relaxôm

Increase productivity

The well-being experienced is reflected in favor of performance and productivity by soothing tensions.

Réunion d'affaires gaie
Increase motivation

Feeling good in your company allows employees to feel valued by their hierarchy and also increases their motivation.

réunion d'affaires
Anticipating psychosocial risks

Anticipating risks means keeping a healthy company in its HR management and organization.

Reduce absenteeism

The feeling of well-being of the staff allows a revival of motivation and improves the quality of presence.

Bureau moderne
Enhance the image of the company

The positive energy of a society is perceived beyond its enclosure, and attracts to it, people radiating this same energy

Usine espace de bureau contemporain remp
Attract young talent

Talented employees are the wealth and the engine of the company: you have to know how to please them

inspiré d'affaires

Tailor-made company service or personalized offers below

Art therapy


Available from 45 minutes to 1h30, a creative relaxation session for relaxed employees

Sound therapy


From 30 minutes to 1 hour, the sound bath allows deep and regenerating relaxation for revitalized employees.



Find creative solutions and achieve your employees' goals. 45 minute to 2 hour session

The advantages of teleconsultation for employees

bureau Painted


At home, working remotely, you can prepare for the session as it suits you best or in your workspace in a comfortable chair.

Cercle gris


You can book and pay for your session whenever you want, 24 hours a day.

La paresse


Save time and money on your transportation



You will do your session when you are alone at home or at work



Teleconsultation is possible anywhere in the world with an internet connection and tablet, PC, smartphone.

Les feuilles tropicales 2


If you are teleworking at home, you are free to move around and without a mask.

Préparation visi entreprise

How to prepare for a Visio session?

Clavier et souris

Book and pay for your session

- You book and pay, at any time, for the chosen session onthe Relaxôm fees page.


- Pay for your purchases securely without entering your bank details byPayPal. If you don't have an account, you can open one for freehere.

Contact me by emailcontact.relaxom@gmail.comor telephone 07 67 87 33 30to inform me of the objectives of your session (CréaZen®, Art of Dreams®or CréaCoching).

Travailler sur ordinateur portable

Check your equipment and location

Choose a bright and quiet place where you can make the most of your session,

Check the proper functioning of your PC, tablet or even smartphone concerning your sound card and your camera anddownload Skypehereif you don't have it. 

In case of CréaZen workshop®or Art of dreams®, prepare your creative materials (pencils, colored pencils, markers, pastels, paints) next to you. Tell your colleagues or those around you if you are carrying out the teleconsultation at home.


The day of your session

-15 minutes before our session

Charge your battery in case of laptop or connect its power cord. If your wifi connection is poor, switch to a wired connection with your Ethernet cable.

In case of CréaZen workshop®and Art of Dreams®, prepare your creative material on your desk or on your table, and the music player on your PC with your chosen song for the creative part.

In the event of a sound bath, connect your headphones with microphone and sit in a comfortable armchair with a blanket on you according to your wishes.


- When the session begins, switch your phone to airplane mode if you are not using a Visio tool during the session so as not to be disturbed by any notifications.


fille de détente

Right after the session

Plan a beat of at least 5 minutes to reconnect to solid ground (!) especially if you have done a sound bath or the CréaZen workshop®.

Drink a glass of spring water.

Do not rush to resume your activities. Take 5 minutes to breathe calmly and put away your things at a relaxed pace. Come to your senses calmly. Make the effects of the session last.

Do not hesitate to send me your feedback from the session by email or otherwise. I remain at your disposal. The sessions can also be taken as a package or offered as a gift voucher to a loved one. See you in the workshop :)

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