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Artistic approach

The world is only projections of our beliefs, our cultures, our perceptions." 


When I integrated this in 2012, thanks to training in neurolinguistic programming (NLP), I wanted to highlight this state by creating my own worlds. Universe that I create, from fractals a bit like Rorschach tests or from digital tasks that I create randomly. Some remind me of fantastic animals, plants, minerals. With my digital brush, I accentuate the lines to suggest my world to the spectator who will make his own reading of it by seeing the reflection of his own world, often unsuspected. 

The works that I create are then co-creations with as many pairs of eyes as perceptions and imaginations. 


In my understanding of the world, everything is connected, this is how I like to combine algorithms by different variables to glimpse, as and when visuals of my imaginary world shared and co-created during exhibitions. Hybrid Beings, unknown universes populate my universe resulting from a macroscopic or microscopic nature. It comes embedded like Russian dolls.


Through this process  of suggestions and projections of worlds, I strive to understand the essence of each thing. My job as an art therapist gives me an understanding of human nature and its needs for completeness. 


Art is multiple and above all an incredible therapy: each creation will bring what needs to be revealed to the spectator/co-creator to move forward in his own journey.

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