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Deontology of the firm Relaxôm

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General obligations

- The art therapist has a thorough professional training, theoretical

and practical, able to create a skill as a practitioner in art therapy.

- The art therapist has the duty to give the best care within the limits of his skills and to act in the interest of the patient.

- The art therapist, like any health professional, is subject to theprofessional secrecy under the conditions defined by law. He must ensure that anyone working with him respects professional secrecy.

Obligations towards the patient

- The art therapist must define the terms of the therapeutic contract for which the art therapist and the patient commit (fees, hours, duration, working conditions, etc....).

- As soon as the art therapist is engaged in a therapeutic contract with a patient, he undertakes to give him personally the best care.

  Respect for the person:

- The art therapist respects the patient's own integrity and values, within the framework of the process of change.

- Respect for the works of the patient:

- The works produced by the patient are his property.

- The art therapist makes no judgment on the creation or the information provided by the beneficiaries: his goal remains the well-being of the participants.

Application of the code of ethics

- The art therapist undertakes to respect the code of ethics in

the context of his professional practice

Ethics charter of Cabinet Relaxôm

"Crises, upheavals and illness do not arise by chance. They serve as indicators to rectify a trajectory, explore new directions, experiment with another way of life."


Carl Gustav Jung

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