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Tibetan bowls"A sound massage: deep relaxation andregenerating

What are the benefits of singing bowls?

A massage with Tibetan bowls allows you to go into deep immersion inside yourself. It is a total disconnection in favor of an intense relaxation, close to meditation. Our spirit travels and tensions are released: a feeling of serenity sets in. The sound massage is based on very rational and scientific effects: “The waves produced by the bowls resonate with those of our brain and invite us to enter a modified state of consciousness. These sounds induce a slowing down of brain waves called "alpha waves", the first meditative stages. Our brain also releases the four feel-good hormones:

- endorphin, serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin. In recent years, the medical profession has also looked into the results observed in order to study and reproduce them. The CNRS (Study on the impact of sound frequencies on our organs) and in particular the University Hospitals of Clermont-Ferrand and La Pitié Salpêtrière in Paris have analyzed several major benefits on:


-anxiety,the stress,pain,blood pressure,the Depression,health improvementby ricochet ondiabetesAndobesity(decline of the Cortisol) and a feelingof well-being,of peace,of contentmentthanks to the release of4 "happiness" hormones". Cognitive abilities are also optimized andstimulated creation.

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How is a massage with Tibetan bowls  performed?

In the exotic atmosphere of the Relaxôm cabinet between natural atmosphere and oriental influences, you are invited to lie down on the massage table. The treatment takes place fully clothed with several Tibetan bowls and other instruments with captivating sounds. The bowls are placed around you but also on you.


It is a unique experience, because the vibrations of the Tibetan bowls penetrate gently, and come to "fill" or "travel" throughout the body. This hypnotic exploration allows vibrations and harmonics to act quickly on body and mind. The vibrations of the singing bowls liberate in depth and the person comes out much lighter and relaxed. Some people easily fall into passive meditation. This sensory experience provides general well-being throughout the body. It releases tension, restores more vitality, relieves all kinds of blockages.

After the treatment, we take the time to see together what you felt and what I observed during the session.

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