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CréaZen® workshop"A creative relaxation,  colored feather to regain serenity"

CréaZen®is a workshop accessible from 11 years old, for teenagers and adults wishing to de-stress, regain self-confidence, improve their mood by removing blockages, refocus or recharge their batteries. Everyone's creative potential is stimulated. It is not necessary to know how to paint or draw. The objective is the search for well-being.

This workshop benefits from a specific protocol centered on appeasement. The creative and relaxation activities have been chosen with care so that you can gradually regain autonomy in your bodily relaxation and your emotional and psychic serenity.

The session is divided into a moment of relaxation, then a moment of creation and a verbal exchange to close the session.

The relaxation methods I use are oriental-inspired relaxation techniques, simple and easy to reproduce alone. It's about releasing bodily tensions, creating waking dreams through guided meditations or visualizations, accompanied by music therapy, Tibetan bowls with harmonics rich in soothing alpha waves, in order to induce a general state of well-being.

It can be emitting sounds in order to gain confidence in oneself, in one's voice/voice, sound yoga exercises, repeating mantras or creating one according to personal needs.

La relaxation créative pour retrouver sa

How are the sessions going?

Together, we determine your needs from your first contact. You tell me more about your wishes and your musical tastes so that the session is adapted specifically to you. Over the course of the sessions, work is done on your breathing and advice is given at the end of the session according to everyone's wishes to improve their daily stress management.


The second part of the session is reserved for creation, a real balm of emotional and psychic care (how does art therapy work? See the sectionart as healing). The mediums are chosen together and the activities are discovered as the sessions progress, in a spirit of welcome to receive the benefits without preparing in advance. Discovery is part of the trip, of relaxation and of the pleasure of treating yourself to a break of creative well-being.

The session ends with your feelings or your need to deliver what came to you during the session.

CréaZen®can be a single session or weekly, fortnightly, monthly sessions that can stop when you want or no longer feel the need. You can also schedule a number of sessions.

Atelier creazen groupe

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