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Art of Dreams®"Creative onirology, understanding and creating to better advance"

Art of Dreams®is a workshop accessible from 11 years old, for teenagers and adults who wish to know themselves better by decoding their dream, by creating the resolution of the dream by a pictorial creation.


This workshop allows you to open the doors of your unconscious and self-knowledge, to make the right decisions and act effectively in your life. Self-understanding through dreams is one of the keystones for better interacting with others, improving sleep, removing blockages, refocusing on the essentials, stopping nightmares... It is not necessary to know paint or draw. The objective is self-understanding and the appeasement of Being in general. :)

This workshop has two parts:

One on the study and reflection of the dream, and the second part on the pictorial transcription of the resolution of the problem or solution given or even induced by the dream.

Concretely, the dreams are sent by e-mail, at least 48 hours before the session, in order to be able to work efficiently. The session is divided into a moment of exchange to take up the context of the dream and that of the dreamer, in order to understand the ins and outs. The "knowing" always remains the dreamer who intuitively knows the message that he has to deliver his unconscious. After the first exchange on the different elements (archetypes, symbols and structures of the dream), the second part of the session is reserved for the plastic creation by the pictorial transfer of the dream and its resolution.

Double-click on each illustration to see the key messages

Les songes
Des messages clefs
Les archétypes selon Jung
Révélation de soi

When you make first contact with me by phone, we determine your needs, you tell me more about your wishes in relation to the workshop and the discovery of your dreams as well as your preferences on artistic mediums (painting, drawing , pastels, collage, etc.).

The session ends with your feelings or your need to deliver what came to you during the session.

Art of Dreams®can be a single session or weekly, fortnightly, monthly sessions that can stop when you want or no longer feel the need. You can schedule a number of sessions.

This workshop does not replace a process of self-analysis with psychoanalysis.The Art of Dreams®remains an open window towards oneself in a more creative and resolute way by highlighting the creative resources of each beneficiary, the therapist being only a guide to show him the way.

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